It's Always Spring


Introducing Brother Vellies: Because guilty pleasures never have to be guilty.

Meet Brother Vellies, your stylish slow-fashion shoe-makers with a conscience. We know that fashion is often guilt-ridden but Brother Vellies has you cornered in a handmade, low-carbon-footprint, all-recycled corner.  A few things you should know:

1. Know your leather —  Brother Vellies uses leather sourced from local farmers who eat the meat anyways. So they use the entire animal- even the scarred parts which usually get scrapped.

2. Know your carbon-footprint  The shoe-makers are always watching their footprint, curbing their environmental burden in large batch cargo shipments from Africa to their New York headquarters. 

3. Know your artisans  Brother Vellies employs local craftsmen in Africa who receive fair wages and skills training from Milanese cobblers and New York pattern-makers, encouraging long-term growth and development on the continent. 

4. Know your CEO  Aurora James. She began the company in the hopes of sharing her favorite traditional African footwear with the world and creating artisanal jobs throughout Africa. To put this into perspective, consider that less than .5% of US companies have African-American female CEOS. 

Is there a better way to love the clothes you wear?

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